About M-Power


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it cost more for me to book my conference or meeting through M-Power rather than going to the hotel directly?

No it will not cost more; in some circumstances it may even be cheaper. Our fees are paid by the hotels for whom we make bookings. This fee is often paid from the hotel marketing budget as we provide that support to the hotel and bear some of that cost.


I have not had much experience in booking a venue for our conferences and meetings. How can M-Power help?

We have vast experience with our partner hotels. We are available to assist by helping you to meet budgets and be on hand to help with many of the other complex factors in choosing the best hotel for your event.


I need more than one quote to present to the decision makers in my company. Can M-Power Accommodation help me with this?

This is where we shine.... we can help you narrow down the hotels that will best suit your conference or event then provide details quotes from several of those venues you mist like.

If I use your services to get quotes for my conference am I under any obligation to go with one your suggest. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed with a quote provided by M-Power until you decide to proceed and draw up the contract with your chosen hotel.


Once a decision to move forward with the chosen venue has been made - how do I liaise with the hotel's conference and meetings organisers?

We put you directly in touch with the conference organiser of the hotel or resort you choose - they are the true specialists in bringing about the most pleasing outcome for your conference, meeting or event.


Does my company have to pay M-Power anything?

No, no payment to us is required. In most circumstances all invoicing and remittance is transacted between the booking company and the booked venue.


Can M-Power accept payments on our behalf so that my company does not have to set up multiple vendors for each location we choose to hold our event?

Yes we can handle payments and we do this with several of our big client companies for whom a one stop payment shop is more cost effective than setting up a different vendor for every event booked.


Many of our delegates will be travelling to the chosen venue from far afield. Can M-Power also assist with accommodation?

We most definitely can - and will have quotes for accommodation included in quotes for providing the conference or meeting requirements.